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Cost Neutral Environmental Compliance Approval Strategy

More often than not, most businesses in Ontario find Environmental Compliance as a cost of doing business. As consultants, we are often asked for budgets for projected environmental services for the coming year, which includes:

Depending on the operations at your facility that list can become quite lengthy, and of course, costly. But with all the environmental reporting, permitting, and testing requirements, there are also great opportunities.

The multitude of environmental regulations in Ontario, and Canada have given consultants a wealth of information. The Ontario Toxics Reduction Act (TRA) brought significant insight into the costs of manufacturing including waste disposal costs, and recycling rates for various grades of steel and aluminum.

Why is this important? At Rubidium we can leverage our experience, and knowledge gained to help minimize waste disposal costs from your facility, and optimize the rates paid for scrap. Through the National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI), we are aware of the various material/chemical inputs, and might be able to help source a lower cost material generated from another facility.

Water rates in Ontario are among the lowest of the developed countries. While recently the rates have been going up, the costs associated with treating wastewater have been skyrocketing. Aging infrastructure, and more stringent water quality levels have more than doubled the wastewater rates in many municipalities over the recent years. How can Rubidium Environmental hope alleviate some of the burden caused by increased water rates, and water bylaw surcharge rates? Many municipalities have what is known as wastewater rebates, or water bylaw reductions. Simply put, many businesses consume water but discharge only a fraction of it. Water consuming processes, evaporative losses, or simply the water is used in the manufactured product are all common examples of wastewater diversion. Secondly, technologies to enhance water recovery, and reusability have become remarkably more affordable in recent years with reasonable payback periods. Rubidium can help identify if your facility fits the criteria for a wastewater rebate, or if opportunities exist for onsite water reuse. Typically, this begins to become worthwhile for facilities whose water costs are in excess of $25,000/year.

While there are costs associated with environmental compliance in Ontario, there are also great opportunities to reduce operating costs. Waste reduction, turning waste into an input stream, optimizing scrap rates, reducing wastewater charges, and implementing wastewater optimizing systems are all examples of how Rubidium Environmental can provide your company with complete environmental solutions. Our mandate is to forge a strong relationship with our clients through identification of cost neutral solutions. Stop seeing environmental compliance as a cost of doing business, and let Rubidium Environmental’s experience start making environmental compliance activities start paying dividends for your facility.

Rubidium Environmental is an environmental consulting firm. From our head office in Burlington, we supply environmental and engineering services across Canada. Experts in Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECAs), industrial pollution control (air, noise, odour), acoustic assessment reports, industrial hygiene, and environmental reporting.