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Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECA)

Do you own or operate a facility? Whether Industrial, Commercial, or Institutional, chances are will need a regulatory approval prior to construction, building modifications, adding new equipment, or process changes.

Formerly known as a Certificate of Approval (CofAs), approvals now come in two forms: Environmental Compliance Approval (ECAs) and Environmental Activity Sector Registry (EASR). Depending on the type of operations at your facility you may need one or both.

Need to update or amend your Environmental Compliance Approval? We can help.


The Environmental Activity Sector Registry (EASR) is currently available for the following types of equipment and processes:

Automotive Refinishing Facilities (O. Reg 245/11)

To be EASR eligible the following criteria must be met:

If the company is the only occupant in the building

If the company is not the only occupant in the building:

There are additional requirements depending on the coating application rate and number of spray booths. The setback distances range 0 – 120 metres from the property line depending on the equipment at the facility.

Commercial Printing Facilities – Lithographic, Screen and Digital

EASR criteria:

Only the following types of printing facilities are eligible:

If a facility has other types of printing processes (such as letterpress, flexography, or gravure printing) it is not eligible for the EASR.

Digital Printing processes must use organic solvent based inks, water based inks, or ultraviolet inks.

Lithographic Printing

The EASR applies to off-set lithographic printing only, and includes associated equipment with setup and post-production.

There are 4 types of printing lithographic printing covered under EASR:

Screening Printing

EASR includes the printing equipment and the associated equipment such as ovens, dryers, conveyors, and equipment used in a flash off area.

The EASR also requires that wastewater from the facility is discharged to either:

Noise Criteria:

As specified in O. Reg 349/12 the facility must:

Only exhausts stacks with a flow rate greater than 1,000 ft3/min (0.472 m3/s) need to be considered.

Noise Generating Equipment is defined as:

Additionally, O. Reg 349/12 sets limits on the monthly consumption of inks.

Commercial Heating Systems

Heating systems are anything that is used to produce or supply heat to the interior of a building for the comfort of the occupants. To be EASR eligible the heating system must be natural gas or propane.

Standby Power Systems

Standby power systems are defined as anything that generates electrical power during power outages or involuntary power reductions. The generators must be fueled by:

The maximum rated capacity of each generator cannot exceed 700 kilowatts (kW).

The sound power measured 7 metres from the generator cannot exceed:

Non-Hazardous Waste Transportation Systems (O. Reg 351/12)

EASR eligibility criteria:

O. Reg 351/12 also includes additional requires for the handling, and construction of vehicles to be considered EASR eligible.

Small Ground Mounted Solar Facilities (350/12)

For a facility to be EASR eligible the following criteria must be met:

In addition, O. Reg 350/12 contains additional requirements that pertain to land use rules, and noise generating equipment .

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