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Rubidium: Environmental Consultants Brampton Companies Can Depend On

At Rubidium Environmental, we bring you world class and world wide experience which we can focus on your local environmental compliance needs. Our staff have travelled the world resolving a variety of environmental issues and can bring that experience to bear on your particular situation in an efficient and cost effective manner. Our clients consider us to be the leading environmental consultants in Brampton and in many other jurisdictions.

As a company, we at Rubidium are fully cognizant of the complex realm of issues on the environmental front. From the latest changes in O. Reg 455 GHG regulations to NPRI report developments, to the latest advancements in acoustic assessment techniques, the professional team at Rubidium have the expertise to identify and quickly resolve your environmental issues. We’re a full service environmental consulting company and will be pleased to work with you on any issue in this complex and demanding field. Our goal is to provide our clients with a level of service and a level of communication that exceeds any other environmental consultants in Brampton.

Site Assessments

In Brampton, the professional team at Rubidium environmental consulting firm have proven themselves leaders in the field of environmental site assessments. With our extensively trained and experienced team of scientists, engineers and technicians, we are able to recommend what actions you may need to take to meet any and all government regulations. Because we have a wide range of experience in this field, we know the expectations of the various governing bodies and can provide you with cost effective and timely solutions to your environmental assessment issues.

Due to the lengthy development approval process, it is highly likely that a development project may be delayed or put on hold. If this happens to you, it will cost you time and money – both of which are extremely valuable. The team at Rubidium Environmental can assure you that we will expedite the completion of your project, so that we do not further delay the municipal approval process. If you are planning to develop a vacant, undeveloped parcel of land or agricultural property, it is highly likely that a Phase I environmental site assessment will be required. Should your plans include redeveloping a current property or developing a Brownfield property, the environmental site assessment process is much more complex and may include Site remediation. Whatever the case, you can count on unconditional guidance and support from the staff of experts at Rubidium Environmental that will focus on keeping the process moving to protect your bottom line.

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Rubidium: Brampton Environmental Consultants

We offer a full range of services from assistance with environmental compliance approvals to accurate readings of the Toxics Reduction Act and how it might impact your business.

As the most comprehensive environmental consultants in Brampton, here are some of the professional services we offer to our clients:

  • Pollution Control System Design
  • Air Facility Inspection Reports
  • Environmental Emergency Plans
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Land Use Planning/Impact Assessments
  • Environmental Compliance Approvals
  • Renewable Energy Approvals
  • NPRI Reports….National Pollutant Release Inventory
  • Acoustic Assessment Reports
  • Comprehensive Water Usage Reviews
  • Pollution Prevention Strategies
  • Toxics Reduction Act Analysis
  • Dust Management Plans
  • Expert Witness & Peer Reviews

We believe we cover the full range of environmental issues. If you don’t see your specific issue listed above, just give us a call at 905-635-4063, or drop us a note at info@rb-enviro.com and we’ll get right back to you.

A Closer Look at What We Do as Brampton Environmental Consultants

We can help your firm obtain an environmental compliance approval. This is sometimes a challenging process, but as a trusted environmental consultant in Brampton we have been through this process with many clients in many industries. No two situations are the same when it comes to environmental compliance approvals, but with our broad experience in this area, and a profound understanding of the legislation, we can move you through the process in an efficient, and cost effective manner.

As seasoned experts with strong working relationships with the regulators, Rubidium can help you prepare and complete the detailed paperwork. This will result in a more timely approval of your application. That’s our business, as one of the regions most experienced environmental consulting companies we’re here to help you acquire all of your environmental approvals, the first time, in an efficient manner.

As Brampton environmental consultants, another area we specialize in is noise and vibration assessments.  Perhaps your firm needs to comply with Ministry of Labour requirements for noise protection related to loud machinery. Or perhaps you are required to conduct an acoustic assessment report in support of an Environmental Compliance Approval for the MOECC in Ottawa. Or maybe you’re planning a building expansion or a land acquisition and need a noise impact assessment to move ahead beyond the planning phase. Call on Rubidium, the respected environmental consultants in Brampton and we’ll be right there to provide the analysis and follow up report is less time, and for less cost, than you might imagine. As one of the leading environmental consultants in Brampton, that’s what we do; protect your bottom line.

Thinking of buying or selling a property in Brampton?  Or developing land in Caledon or Orangeville?  Let a team of environmental engineers assist you with the preparation of a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment to determine if there is expected soil or groundwater contamination at the property.  Having managed numerous site remediation projects, and with our strong relationship with numerous environmental planners we can provide turn-key service on your property development through from the record of site condition, through to conducting post development environmental impact assessments.

Rubidium: The Service Oriented Environmental Consultants in Brampton

We know that environmental issues can take up a great deal of time and cost you money. We constantly invest in new technologies that make us more efficient and accurate at our job. When we apply these new technologies to your problems we save you money. So let Rubidium look after your dust, sound, toxic waste, greenhouse gas and land use issues. Then you can get on with the many other activities you need to be working on to improve your bottom line.

Our expertise is in building models and running advance computer software to replicate your operation. The team at Rubidium will work with you to provide a pragmatic analysis of your situation and together we’ll sort through any problems we identify. At Rubidium, the leading environmental consultants in Brampton, we take pride in understanding your operations in order to serve you more efficiently.

Our internationally experienced staff is fully cognizant of the provincial and federal legislation that sometimes provides challenges for your staff. We’re an environmental consulting company with a team of scientists and technicians who enjoy expertise in many areas. We’ve experienced working in chemical manufacturing plants, the commissioning of boilers, burners and incinerators.

We’ve project managed construction projects, designed and fabricated pollution control equipment and worked late into the night to make certain that our clients’ new line comes on stream, on time, and in compliance with any and all environmental standards. Our wide range of experience and expertise ensures that we remain the leading environmental consultants in Brampton. We’d love to hear from you, and once we’re engaged, we’ll stay with you to see your project through to a successful end.

Looking for more service areas?

Rubidium offers environmental solutions to the following areas:

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