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Rubidium is a metallic element that reacts quickly. Environmental consultants in Guelph, Rubidium Environmental have the team and experience to live up to our name. We respond in a quick, efficient and cost effective manner to all environmental needs, and provide our clients with peace of mind. We’re highly reactive and solution oriented. That’s just the kind of business model that you need when you have an environmental issue to deal with.

As full service environmental consultants in Guelph we provide engineering services to:

  • Land use planners, individuals and all levels of government
  • Healthcare and educational facilities
  • Property developers/owners ~ we now offer due diligence services in this field
  • Government institutions
  • Industrial manufacturers
  • Realtors

As a leading environmental consulting company, we offer a full range of services that will meet all of your environmental needs and challenges. Working your way through the broad range of federal, provincial or municipal environmental regulations can be a challenging task. At Rubidium Environmental, we work on your behalf to unravel these demands and find workable, affordable solutions. Let our environmental consultants in Guelph develop practical solutions to your regulatory challenges. Many of our scientists and engineers have industry experience in various areas in a wide variety of countries and can bring that background to bear on your specific needs.

Site Assessments

Environmental site assessments are carried out to determine the past land use of the Site and concentrations of contaminants that may be present at a specific site. If you are a builder or a developer, you may need an environmental site assessment in order to proceed with your municipal development approval process. The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change regulates these assessments in Ontario. Ownership of a property entails responsibility for the control or removal of any contaminants on that property. At Rubidium Environmental, we quickly analyze the conditions of your site and propose remediation steps, if necessary.

The team at Rubidium Environmental consulting firm has the leaders in the Guelph area for such imperative site assessments. Our experienced staff of technicians, engineers and scientists will provide you with the guidance and knowledge required to surpass all of the environmental requirements for your development project.

Needless to say, we will provide you with world class support for all of your environmental concerns.. We know that for our clients, time is money. With that in mind, our many years of experience allow us to work closely with regulators, consequently permitting you to proceed with your project in a cost effective and timely manner.

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Full Service Environmental Consultants in Guelph

Don’t hesitate to call us for any environmental issue you have. No project is too small or challenging for our staff. Many of our expert team have experience accumulated by solving environmental issues around the world. We bring that expertise to bear on your concerns and resolve your issues in a creative and cost effective fashion.

From a simple environmental compliance approval to a more complex land use compatibility noise issue, we can find the best affordable solution for your firm. As Guelph environmental consultants, here are just some of the services that Rubidium can offer your firm or institution:

  • Environmental site assessments
  • An understanding of the Toxics Reduction Act as it applies to your specific situation
  • Pollution control programs for various industries or institutions
  • Development of a dispersion model to deal successfully with government regulations
  • Plans to achieve an environmental compliance approval from the Ministry
  • A land use compatibility noise assessment
  • Air pollution control engineering studies
  • Noise abatement solutions
  • Waste, and wastewater reduction programs, in fact, comprehensive water services
  • Environmental reporting
  • Land use planning & impact studies
  • Dust management plans
  • Expert witness and peer review services

As you can see, as a full-service environmental consulting company we can offer a wide range of services all under one roof. This makes it more efficient for you and allows us to provide comprehensive solutions to your environmental issues, no matter what their scope or type.

Need a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)? Does your subject property have suspected contamination. We can assist by performing a Phase II Environmental Site assessment, or if required completed environmental site remediation.

We have a profound understanding of the science of environmental issues. Contact us, we’re the respected and experienced Guelph environmental consultants. We’ll listen to the nature of your business and the nature of your problem. Then, as a comprehensive environmental consulting company, we’ll apply a cutting edge approach to solve your problem and get you back to business in an efficient and affordable manner.

Rubidium: Leading Environmental Consultants in Guelph

Environmental Compliance Approvals

Who needs one? Every industry or institution that creates a discharge into the air or water needs one. If you’re building or remodelling your plant, we can create an Emission Summary and Modelling Report that is the bulk of the application for an environmental compliance approval. This is no easy job for an in-house team. Leave it to the experts. At Rubidium Environmental, we’re familiar with the Regulations, and have a close working relationship with the governing bodies involved. With our expertise and experience, we can streamline this often demanding process.

Pollution Control Systems Design

Our team of engineers can bring global experience to the table on this issue. We’ve completed hundreds of projects worldwide and will use this expertise to resolve your local problem. For example, as a leading environmental consulting company, we have an intimate understanding of the Toxic Reductions Act that allows us to find a successful solution to your emissions issues in a timely fashion. We can create an off-gas treatment system or an acid gas treatment program that will meet Ministry regulations and allow you to get up and running quicker than you might imagine.

As one of the most trusted and experienced environmental consultants in Guelph we can bring you into compliance with any Ministry regulation.

Fast, Reliable and Cost Effective Solutions

Have an environmental problem that’s stopping production and costing you money? Give us a call and talk to the experts at the dynamic environmental consultants in Guelph. We’ll quickly decide which of our departments we need to engage to resolve your issue. We’ll make a site visit. Consult with your technicians and leadership team, and then get on with the job. We’ll stay in touch and keep you in the loop through the design and manufacturing process of your solution. That way you‘ll have a good idea of the timelines and costs involved. We’re proud of our reputation as a full service environmental consultant in Guelph and look forward to bringing our extensive resources to bear on your problem.

Please, continue to browse our website, e-mail us at info@rb-enviro.com, or pick up the phone and call 7 905-635-4063.

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