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Rubidium has a world class experienced staff that can resolve your local environmental issues. We’re proud of our reputation for creative and cost effective solutions to a wide range of issues such as pollution control measures, Environmental Site Assessments, the assessment of land use compatibility, noise issues and the application of the Toxics Reduction Act. We’re an environmental consulting company with a superb track record for getting the right environmental fix, on time and on budget. Using the latest in model building techniques and sophisticated and reliable software, you can be assured that when Rubidium Environmental is on your job, you’re in good hands.

As one of the leading environmental consultants in Hamilton, the team at Rubidium appreciate that in your business time is money. It’s our job to get you up and running, or back on track in the shortest possible time. To do this, we engage our experienced staff along with the latest in environmental software developments to deal with your environmental issue. Whether you require an environmental compliance approval, the development of a pollution dispersion model, or the fine tuning of your pollution control devices we’re the Hamilton environmental consultants that can provide a quick, effective, and reliable solution to your problem.

Site Assessments

Hamilton has been enjoying a building renaissance over the last several years with many condominium buildings being built. New building projects often require environmental site assessments; as a builder or developer in Hamilton, you can count on the expert team at Rubidium Environmental to do everything from soil sampling to working closely with the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change to ensure a successful site assessment and subsequent Record of Site Condition approval.

If you are developing a vacant, undeveloped site, a Phase I environmental site assessment may be the only assessment you require. However, based on the previous land use of the site and surrounding areas, as well as the types of operations that have occurred at the properties, a Phase II and III may be required.

This may be an overwhelming thought, but we are hoping your mind can be put at ease knowing you can rely on the experience and expert guidance you will find with one of the leading environmental firms in the region: Rubidium. We take pride in our history of successfully exceeding regulations and expectations from all three levels of government – municipal, provincial and federal – in an efficient and cost effective fashion. Our clients are pleased with our performance, particularly because we often acquire compliance on the first application. This saves you time and money, allowing you to proceed with your development project. At Rubidium, we will provide environmental solutions that get you back to business.

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How Do We Differ From Other Environmental Consultants In Hamilton?

We have a few watchwords that define our business success. Technical innovation. World wide experience. Guaranteed results. Superb customer service. Attention to detail.

Our staff have worked worldwide to meet environmental standards in a variety of countries with differing standards. We have an attention to detail that sets us apart from many other Hamilton environmental consultants. From pollution control systems in South East Asia to acoustic assessments in the Arctic the team at Rubidium have faced daunting environmental challenges…and got the job done. As one of the leading environmental consultants in Hamilton, we’ll listen closely to your situation and concerns and work with you to clearly define your environmental problems. With the newest in technology and our varied expertise we’ll look at the custom solution that works best for you and meets the rigorous environmental standards of today.

Rubidium is a chemical element that ‘reacts’. Our clients agree that at Rubidium Environmental, we ‘react’ to meet their needs in a timely and cost effective manner. We’ll communicate with you on an ongoing basis to make certain we understand your problem and provide a solution that allows you to get back to business. As one of the leading environmental consultants in Hamilton, we understand the value of your time. Our cutting edge technologies allow us to quickly acquire your environmental compliance approval or assess and report on a land use compatibility noise situation quickly and accurately. We’ve dealt with a broad and interesting range of environmental issues faced by our many clients. No problem is too complex or too small for us to consider. Call the experts at one of Canada’s leading environmental consulting companies at 905-635-4063. You can trust Rubidium Environmental to find a custom solution to help your firm achieve environmental compliance.

One Stop Shopping with Hamilton Environmental Consultants

Rubidium can offer you a comprehensive range of environmental solutions. Our proven track record ensures that we can successfully lead you through a challenging regulatory process to acquire an environmental certificate of approval each and every time. Our knowledge of the governing legislation, our vast experience in the field, and our familiarity with the government regulatory agencies allows us to provide you with the best solutions to your specific environmental challenges in an efficient and affordable manner. We’re proud of our record in this department. When you need a first rate environmental consultant in Hamilton, get in touch with us at 905-635-4063 or send us a note at info@rb-enviro.com. In either case we’ll be glad to work with you to find the best solution to your environmental challenge.

Need a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)? We are experiences at conducting environmental site assessments, including Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) in Hamilton. Thinking about redeveloping land that is contaminated? Speak to one of our experts about how we can help with the site remediation from water and soiling sampling, through to complete chemical treatment of the soil.

As trusted Hamilton environmental consultants Rubidium offers the broad range of services of a comprehensive environmental consulting company. These services include the following:

  • Air pollution control engineering
  • Land use planning and impact assessments
  • Assessment of land use compatibility noise issues
  • Environmental reporting
  • Dust management programs
  • Interpretation and application of the Toxics Reduction Act
  • Environmental compliance approvals
  • Environmental Site assessments
  • Odour management and control
  • Acoustic assessment reports
  • Environmental emergency plans
  • Peer reviews and expert witness services
  • Comprehensive drinking, wastewater, and storm water services
  • Pollution prevention strategies

If you don’t see your specific need outlined above, please contact us and work with one of our experienced team. We’ll help you clearly identify the issue, consider several courses of action and in discussion with you determine the best plan of attack. Working together to meet the regulations, we’ll get you back to business. We believe that we provide the most comprehensive range of services of any environmental consultants in Hamilton.

The Varied Backgrounds of Our Staff Ensures Our Ability to Serve You Well

Many members of the Rubidium Environmental team come to the environmental field from a variety of professional areas. Our staff has designed automated process equipment, worked on energy system integrations, developed pollution control devices, created process equipment for various industries, and secured environmental compliance approvals in a wide range of industrial, land use and institutional settings.

The varied backgrounds and realms of expertise of our staff have established us as one of the leading environmental consultants in Hamilton. The expertise we can call upon allows us to offer our clients a broad understanding of the challenges faced in a business such as yours. So, whether it’s heavy industry, transportation, chemicals, land use, a health care or educational setting, we have the team that can quickly understand your problem and work with you to meet the appropriate regulations. So when you require an environmental consultant in Hamilton, get in touch with Rubidium Environmental for efficient and cost effective solutions to your environmental challenges.

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