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Rubidium is different. Always in pursuit of responsible business practices and conservation measures which may be optimized for cost-effectiveness and maximum efficiency, we’re an environmental consulting company that sees the whole picture, not just the paperwork. A dynamic professional team of engineers and scientists, our Waterloo-area environmental consultants work with industry management, property owners and managers, and land developers to achieve federal, provincial and municipal regulatory standards for environmental compliance approvals and site assessments, while saving both time and money. At Rubidium, we are pleased to provide professional services including but not limited to environmental reporting, acoustic testing and odour measurement, energy and wastewater monitoring, pollution prevention planning, and environmental site assessments.

Site Assessments

As one of the leading environmental consulting firms in the Waterloo region, the professional team at Rubidium Environmental has the years of experience necessary to provide you with complete and accurate environment site assessments on time, every time. Our team of engineers and technicians has experience creating environmental solutions around the world. We are familiar with applicable regulations and have personally communicated directly with regulators at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. This familiarity with the process and the governing body allows us to efficiently proceed and acquire the appropriate approvals for your environmental site assessments in a timely manner.

If a Phase III assessment is required due to contaminants found on your site, our environmental team has experience with the design and cost effective implementation of any remedial action that may be required. We make use of the latest technologies for site remediation: excavation, vapour extraction, chemical injection and soil washing. At Rubidium, we can transform a contaminated site into a developable property in a timely manner, allowing you to unlock the financial potential of your property.

Built on a strong team of knowledgeable engineers, Rubidium Environmental will assist you in navigating your way through the meticulous demands of Ministry regulations and proceed today with the job of building for tomorrow.

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Why Rubidium?

At Rubidium Environmental, consultants for Waterloo and the surrounding area deliver a higher standard of service, added value and stability to industry clientele. From drinking water testing to air pollution management, regulatory compliance and reporting, and environmental site assessments, our technical team is your partner for more efficient, greener, and more cost-effective business practices in keeping with mandatory government regulations. Like the element on the periodic table, we’re known for exceptional precision, accuracy and reactivity, and deliver our own “Rubidium Standard” for outstanding results.

Our People

At Rubidium, our environmental consultants for Waterloo and region offer the experience and technical expertise that mean business. Our accomplished team of scientists and engineers from diverse industry backgrounds join together to deliver strategies that work, both for the environment and your bottom line.

We take the time to understand your own unique corporate challenges in order to create a sensible and sustainable environmental plan. Through years of research and development, manufacturing, process automation and design, and site investigations, our Waterloo-area environmental consultants have created an effective, customizable template for efficient environmental management practices in Ontario and across the country. Through our knowledge of government regulatory guidelines with regards to acoustic testing, odour measurement, water and air quality, the National Pollutant Release Inventory and the Toxics Reduction Act, and Phase I and II environmental site assessments, we put our understanding of regulatory practices to work for you.

We strive to provide our clients always with a superior level of customer service, delivering highly reactive, insightful and productive direction in less time than the competition. We look forward to working together with you towards a greener, more profitable future.

Our Expertise

The Rubidium environmental consulting company can assist your business with mandatory regulatory compliance at the municipal, provincial and federal level. We are pleased to provide detailed assessment, planning and reporting services in the following areas: environmental regulations and compliance, land use planning, monitoring and sampling, pollution control, and environmental site assessments.

Our Clients

We provide environmental solutions to industry leaders like you. Some of our clients include professionals in the business of metals and wood products manufacturing, agri-food and bio-fuel, plastics and printing, automotive sector, real estate sector, land developers, and individual property owners. Rubidium environmental consultants serve Waterloo, the greater Ontario region, and industries across Canada.

Your Results-Based Waterloo Area Environmental Consultants

We’re environmental consultants for Waterloo industry that get you back in business sooner. Our goal is to ensure that your company meets or exceeds environmental standards in your area while delivering economical business solutions.

Rubidium Environmental is pleased to provide a superior service standard, on your terms. Our Waterloo area environmental consultants adapt to your unique business needs, offering the option to complete the required forms on-site through the creation of a customized training plan, or to have us fill out the paperwork for you. Rubidium provides consulting services for every stage of environmental compliance approval, from application and site inspection to impact assessments, monitoring, reporting and administration. Rubidium also provides consulting services for every stage of due diligence requirements, including Phase I and II environmental site assessments and site remediation. By recognizing industry strengths and areas for improvement, we strive to provide greater opportunities for viable innovation, renewable technologies and everyday energy savings.

We believe in working smarter, not harder. When you align with our team of environmental consultants serving Waterloo better, let our experience be your guide so you can get back to doing what you do best everyday. Through our commitment to world class service standards and greener local business, Rubidium Environmental provides consultants to Waterloo area industry that work for you and for a better world.

Understanding Environmental Compliance Approval in Ontario

Currently under the authority of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC), environmental regulation and enforcement is fulfilled at the regional level, divided into Northern, Eastern, Central, West Central and South-Western districts. Under Ontario law, any company releasing an industry by-product into the atmosphere is required to obtain environmental compliance approval. At Rubidium, our environmental consultants serving Waterloo and region are well-versed in provincial regulation and associated administration, making the application process faster, smoother, and virtually stress-free.

Understanding Environmental Due Diligence in Ontario

Environmental due diligence activities are required during property transactions, financing approvals, and property development. It is important to understand the environmental condition of the property prior to acquiring the land and/or re-developing the property. Environmental liability is an important aspect that should be investigated prior to the acquisition of a Site, so that the potential presence of any contamination associated with the property be identified and/or remediated prior to taking ownership of a property and obtaining responsibility for remediating someone else’s environmental issues due to their operations, land use, etc.

Why Align with an Environmental Consulting Company?

In short, our goal at Rubidium is to help your company meet or exceed necessary environmental standards, not only to stay in business, but to optimize production and corporate responsibility. Should your facility require approval from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change or should you wish to become knowledgeable about the environmental condition of your property, we can assist you to achieve those goals in addition to advancing production while working to minimize operating costs. Through extensive knowledge of Canadian guidelines for industry, the Toxics Reduction Act, CEPA environmental emergency regulations, and site assessment guidelines and standards, our expert environmental consultants for the Waterloo area are qualified to create a simpler, more streamlined approach to environmental management. How involved in the process you would like to be is entirely up to you. We would be pleased to assist your team with the required government issued paperwork or to submit a complete an accurate environmental report on your behalf.

Rubidium Environmental Consultants, Serving Waterloo & Region

Waterloo and surrounding area industry, manufacturing and agri-food management, and site assessment teams are invited to contact the Rubidium environmental consulting company today at 905-635-4063 or by online form in order to take those first steps towards optimized environmental business practices and regulatory compliance. Based in Burlington, Ontario and positioned to deliver top-tier service in your community, Rubidium Environmental offers our steadfast commitment to greener, more efficient business practices in Canada. Inquire about our innovative corporate solutions, technical guidelines and administrative support designed to meet tomorrow’s environmental challenges today.

Results. Experience. Technical Innovation. Rubidium Environmental.

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