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Water Services


Testing Services

Need water samples analyzed? Whether it’s for industrial wastewater improvement, compliance with municipal bylaws, drinking water testing or water pollution control, Rubidium Environmental will collect the samples for whatever your objective is.

Wastewater / Stormwater

Most facilities that discharge process effluent to sanitary or stormwater systems are required to demonstrate compliance with local or provincial bylaws. To make matters more challenging, municipalities often have different allowable limits. For most facilities this means regular, quarterly or annual testing. Rubidium Environmental can not only assist with sample collection and analysis, but can also help identify cost-saving measures by reduction in overuse surcharges.

One of the challenges with implementation of water use reduction measures is that the concentration of contaminants discharged often increases proportionally to the amount of water saved. As the level of dilution increases, the concentration of contaminants increases. This can be problematic for complying with sewer use agreements and the maximum allowable concentration of contaminants that are permitted for discharge. Often to accompany environmental stewardship, efforts of water use reduction must coincide with process enhancements or implementation of treatment systems to reduce the effluent contaminant rate.

Drinking Water

Are you subject to the Safe Water Drinking Act? Or just concerned about the drinking water quality? Our technicians can assist with sample collection, as well as drinking water testing and analysis.

Stormwater Management

Need to create or update your facilities Stormwater Management Plan? Our technical experts broach experience can help identify and implement the right solution for your facility.

Under the Ontario Water Resources Act (OWRA) 1990, industrial facilities that “operate, establish, alter, extend or replace new or existing sewage works” are required to have an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) which governs their operations. We can help you attain a Environmental Compliance Approval by implementing a stormwater management plan. Industrial Sewage Works Environmental Compliance Approval is required for:

  • Any industrial sewage requiring treatment before release into a municipal sanitary sewer or which will be released into the natural environment; and/or
  • All stormwater from the roof and paved areas of non-residential buildings, including if it combines with industrial process water; and/or
  • The release of water which has been treated at a municipal wastewater treatment plant into the natural environment

Many industrial facilities have been required to disconnect the stormwater runoffs from the roof and parking lot from the municipal infrastructure, and have installed a stormwater management plan onsite. This typically includes dry or wet ponds.

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