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Rubidium we do things differently. Departing from your typical engineering consulting firm, Rubidium fuses ingenuity with technical excellence. It is our creative spirit that allows us to delivery industry leading results that challenge the status quo (and the Regulators too!).



Been visited by the MOECC or the MOL? Unsure if a regulation applies to you? Need assistance with an emissions inventory? Help is just a 'click' or phone call away.




We provide environmental engineering solutions to help our clients comply with seemingly endless government regulations. We understand that this field can be overwhelming for many. We are experts in the fields of Air Quality, Noise and Vibration, as well as Water Quality. We understand that responsiveness, and timing are essential. We believe in this philosophy of providing high quality technical work in a timely fashion so much that we based our name on it: Rubidium, a highly reactive element.

Environmental compliance

The environmental landscape is constantly evolving: new regulations are popping up, existing regulations are constantly being modified, and maintaining environmental compliance often seems like a moving target.  At Rubidium Environmental, we understand.  We develop simple & sustainable solutions to seemingly complex challenges.  Our motto – “Environmental Solutions that get you back to Business” – embraces how we integrate your business goals into tailored environmental solutions designed to help you achieve compliance with environmental regulations.

What Makes Us Different From Every Other Consultant?

Results.  Experience.  Technical Innovation.  Superior Customer Service.

Our staff have travelled the world solving environmental compliance challenges from commissioning pollution control systems in remote regions of Asia, performing acoustic assessment reports in the Arctic, and air quality tests in the Sonoran desert.  We are no strangers to adverse working conditions.  From this experience, we’ve learned a great deal.  We distinguish ourselves in our ability to understand your operations, and how the specifics of your processes can differ from a textbook, or government clearing house of emission inventories.

By understanding the subtleties of your processes, we can engineer accurate models, likely saving money by reducing costly or unnecessary pollution control equipment.  When faced with the need to implement pollution control equipment, our team brings global experience to your local problems.  With a strong working relationship with over 200 equipment suppliers, we assist you in implementing the right technology to solve your environmental compliance challenge.

One thing that all of our clients will say is that at Rubidium, we react.  We communicate and we use our experience and investment in technology to enable us to deliver top-tier work in a fraction of the time it takes our competitors.  In this day in age, we understand the value of time – your time and the limited-time in which you have to get the assessment done.  We continue to integrate new technologies into our fold (like the use of drones for remote data collection), to enable us to react quicker, and work both faster and smarter for you. No matter what the challenge is, Rubidium Environmental will always work to find a cost-efficient custom solution to help your facility achieve environmental compliance.

Rubidium Environmental provides services in the following fields:

Why Rubidium?

We are often asked, what is Rubidium? And why did you choose it for your name?
Rubidium is an alkali metal, but what’s more interesting are its properties.  In its pure form, it is highly reactive; igniting spontaneously in air.  Its reaction with water is equally dramatic, bursting into flames as it liberates hydrogen.  While being one of the most reactive elements on earth, Rubidium’s precision and stability has mended itself to many important applications.  It is used in atomic clocks allowing for high precision timing. It’s so precise, in fact, that the ‘Rubidium Standard’ has adapted by the telecommunications industry.  Why is that important?  Well, GPS units rely on the precision of Rubidium for their accuracy. 

We selected Rubidium for our company’s name because it embodies our philosophy to delivery highly reactive environmental solutions to our clients in a way that also brings precision, value, and stability.  Our professional services can be categorized under the umbrella term “environmental solutions”, but we specialize in a number of areas, from general environmental consulting to more specific services like industrial noise mapping and everything in between. Whether you need an Environmental Compliance Approval, Acoustic Assessment Reports, or a strategic plan to comply with the Toxics Reduction Act, we will react.  We know as well as you do that Environmental Regulations can be discouraging and ever changing.  Staying on top of O. Reg 419/05, ESDM Reports, NPC-300, Chemical Management Plans, Environmental Emergencies (E2) Plans etc., may seem like trying to hit a moving target. So our job is to stabilize that target and help you get a bull’s-eye by providing custom environmental solutions that are suited your company’s needs.

Industries We Serve

While most of our environmental compliance services are geared towards facilities in Ontario, we are capable our working from coast to coast. Our noise and pollution control services have been utilized around the globe.

Industrial Manufacturers

One of the differences you’ll notice with Rubidium Environmental is that many of us entered into environmental consulting from various fields.  Our unique backgrounds include those that designed process equipment for numerous industries, automated process equipment, designed ventilation system, energy systems integrations, and pollution control equipment.  That gives us a well-rounded approach to understanding your operations, optimizing the environmental compliance assessment and providing accurate environmental consulting services.

We typically start by providing a comprehensive environmental compliance assessment.  This starts by building an emissions inventory of the facility, essentially a representation of all processes and chemicals that are used and released in the facility.  This is where we pull apart from our competition.  Over the years, resources like the US EPA have developed Clearinghouses of Pollution Emission Factors such as AP-42, and the Australian equivalent National Pollutant Inventory.  While these are both great resources with large amounts of information, the certainly are not the most recent.  The US EPA AP-42, for example, was released in 1968 with the last major update occurring in 1995.  A lot has happened in the last 20 years. Technologies have advanced, the methodologies we use to test for contaminants have changed, and facilities have implemented numerous lean manufacturing measures to optimize performance and minimize waste.  At Rubidium, we have developed our own proprietary emissions inventory - complemented with stacking testing results.  Why is this important?  Primarily, it allows us to rapidly estimate discharges from your facility, but it also enables us to use the right data.  There is tons of conservative data out there but in order to produce accurate emission summary &dispersion modeling reports, having the most accurate data is important because in the end, it can save you money!  Relying on overly conservative estimates might have worked in the past, but as air quality and noise limits continually get lower and lower, the requirements to turn to capital intensive pollution control equipment become a reality.  We have experience in the following sectors:

Institutional Facilities

Both healthcare and educational facilities can face significant environmental compliance challenges.  The generalized reality for more hospitals, colleges, and universities is that they are closely surrounded by residential housing.  The Ministry of Environment & Climate Change (MOECC) includes housing in its list of sensitive receptors.  As a result, these institutional facilities are required to obtain environmental compliance with provincial noise guidelines such as NPC-300, which stipulate the maximum allowable off-property sound levels.

So what does this mean?
As institutional facilities expand, they need to carefully consider the type of equipment and/or noise controls that need to be installed.

Land Use:

When driving around most cities and towns these days, it is hard to ignore all of the construction that is going on.  Many municipalities have strong plans to increase urban intensification as part of their Master Plan.  As a result, buffer zones are disappearing and allowable land uses are changing, putting incompatible land uses in close proximity to each other.
Rubidium has the experience to assist municipalities study the impact of proposed land use changes, assist and support property developers and architects with environmental impact assessments, and help existing industrial manufacturers understand their risks if neighbouring lands around your facility were to be rezoned.  The impacts can certainly be significant if not discovered early on in the development process.
Rubidium offers environmental solutions to the following areas:

Rubidium Environmental Inc. is an 100% Canadian owned environmental consulting services and engineering firm.  Our headquarters are located in Burlington, Ontario giving us easy access to the 400 series highways.
Have questions?  We’ve got answers.  If you need environmental consulting services or solutions, contact us via online message submission, email or by phone at (905) 635-4063.