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Get back to business with Rubidium, Ontario’s foremost environmental consultants serving Aurora and companies across Canada, for streamlined regulatory compliance and allowing industry to focus on what matters must: there business.

Why Rubidium?

Named for a highly reactive element on the periodic table, Rubidium embodies the concepts of smart reactivity and original innovation. Our creative engineering team is different by virtue of effective, timely solutions delivered through uncommon energy, knowledge and experience. Proudly Canadian, Rubidium is a results-oriented environmental consulting company based in Burlington, Ontario serving clients nationwide.

Technology, Innovation, Solutions

Through a fresh approach to problem solving, we’re developing extraordinary, economical solutions to international environmental compliance issues at a local level. We believe that as Ministry of Environment & Climate Change requirements evolve over time, so too should our ability to continue to provide innovative environmental compliance solutions.

Without the experience and expertise needed to gainfully and efficiently navigate complex and often lengthy administrative paperwork, the approvals process has the potential to be disheartening at best. As environmental consultants for Aurora-based industries and manufacturing facilities across the country well-versed in regulatory affairs, Rubidium saves business owners the time and money better spent on ground-breaking product innovation, productive people management and profitable growth.

Our Team

Ours is an environmental consulting company based on the strength of a diverse yet cohesive team of scientists, engineers and environmental technologists with industry knowledge and experience designed to become your business advantage.

Who We Serve

At Rubidium, we serve a variety of public and privately held companies in fields such as industrial manufacturing, land use planning, property development, healthcare and education, as well as government institutions.

Areas of Expertise

At the Rubidium environmental consulting company, we help local businesses meet the rigorous standards required for environmental compliance approval from a variety of perspectives, such as air quality, pollution control, and land use, as well as assist with the smooth, accurate preparation of any necessary documentation which may include, but is not limited to, a compulsory impact study for a proposed redevelopment or residential area acoustic assessment report.

Our Services

Rubidium seeks to provide practical solutions to environmental problems, while optimizing potential benefits to your business model. Bringing relevant, real-world experience to each challenge, we go beyond the scope of the typical environmental consultants in Aurora or otherwise who frequently rely purely on a computer generated quick fix. Our specializations cover environmental compliance approvals and reporting, emissions control systems design, water testing and land use planning, environmental impact and acoustic assessment reports, and expert witness/peer review services.

Environmental Compliance Approval in Ontario

In the absence of the proper environmental regulatory approvals, your business may be forced to cease production. Rubidium can help ensure that your company fulfils the required elements according to schedule in order to avoid unnecessary setbacks and maintain a competitive advantage in an expanding modern global marketplace.

Environmental compliance is by its nature a dynamic term, and facility owners and administrators are required to adhere to the most up-to-date municipal, provincial and federal regulations prior to construction, throughout the building stages, and as any changes are made to equipment or operations. At Rubidium, we’ll assist you with requirements of Environmental Compliance Approval and Environmental Activity Sector Registry (EASR) applicaitons as they apply to your workplace. How much or how little you wish to be involved in the process is up to you─our Aurora-area environmental consultants may be commissioned to simply provide guidance and instruction, or to complete in their entirety the documents necessary for requisite certificates of compliance.

Simplifying Environmental Management Is Our Business

We live and breathe for good air quality, a privilege that is now protected by provincial regulation in Ontario. Together, our environmental consultants and Aurora industries can build solutions for a cleaner atmosphere for all of us.

At the Rubidium environmental consulting company, we’ve worked with business leaders representing an incredible diversity of commercial and community sectors, targets and backgrounds, not exclusive to Agri-Food, wood and metal products manufacturing, plastics, bio-fuel and the automotive industry. When we work towards a collective goal of simplifying air quality regulations, enhancing pollution control systems and toxics reduction plans. Our services act to continually simplify the challenges of environmental, health, and safety guidelines.

Comprehensive Ongoing Monitoring & Sampling Services

Rubidium environmental consultants keep Aurora facilities on track with customizing sampling programs. We offer ongoing energy and wastewater monitoring, stack, ventilation and hazardous area testing, in addition to our initial compliance and impact assessment services such as a baseline acoustic or stormwater management report and sewer use discharge agreement for Aurora.

Environmental consultants at Rubidium offers support to your company on your terms. From turn-key project management to open-ended services, we provide the resources necessary to maintain an adherence to required regulations while delivering cost-saving, eco-conscious management solutions.

A Better Bottom Line through Cost-Effective Environmental Management

So often, the environment and the economy are presented as issues at odds with one another, when in actual fact, they can more accurately be described as inextricable parts of the whole. In the pursuit of more sustainable industry, environmental management at its most strategic considers both natural and monetary resources as well as how these elements inevitably influence each other. At Rubidium, we’re always looking for more cost-effective ways to reduce your company’s environmental compliance challenges in Aurora. As environmental consultants, we have the tools to increase production efficiency and optimize resource conservation, as well as to explore options for effectively diverting waste from landfill in accordance with applicable laws and the Toxics Reduction Act for an outcome that is truly win-win.

Making Technology Work for You

At Rubidium, we do the ground work for you. With the support of our environmental consultants, Aurora businesses benefit from the most advantageous available technological solutions chosen specifically for your needs.

Customized Environmental Health & Safety Training Available in Aurora

Our environmental consultants also offer Aurora-based managers environmental health and safety training tailored to individual organizational requirements and challenges, for those who prefer to prepare corporate documentation in-house.

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